I bought a ticket online from New York to Atlantic City. Ticket prints out without the pickup location on it.

I call their "customer service" number - a recording, can't get a rep. The recording sends me to the wrong location. When I get to the wrong location, the guys there can't seem to tell me the correct location. When I finally get to the correct location, no one has even heard of megabus.

I call customer service again - no representative, no one knows where this bus leaves from, no help at all. I have to call my friend just to figure out how to find the bus. It leaves late, of course, and we are subject to a lecture by the bus driver when we start to drive like a group of preschoolers. As if my trip there wasn't bad enough, I go on the web site to find out how to get home and there is nothing about any megabus locations in the area.

I call customer service, finally get a rep, and they know NOTHING about megabus in that area. They literally give me zero help - they can't tell me who to call, where to go, the bus schedule, nothing.

I cut my losses and go greyhound. I suggest you do the same.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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