I am writing this review from on a Megbus bus. Yes, they provide free wi-fi and cheap tickets - but do not let this fool you. You will pay severely with your time and energy for trusting this joke of a company.

We've only boarded the bus after waiting two in the cold for its arrival (Scheduled for 9:30pm, finally departed at 11:30). The attendant at the terminal was not kept aware of the bus's location, and as such we were all in the dark about when the bus would be arriving.

This has happened before on Megabus, which led to me sending them a complaint email - an email about which I never received a response.

This company operates with 0 regard or respect for its customers, and as such will treat you with none. Trust someone whose experienced the bad side of the Mega: Spend the extra five bucks, take the train.

Review about: Megabus Bus Service.

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I should know better. Yes, we pay with time and aggravation on MB.

I've had good experiences on the NYC Providence route, but lately, I agree with the post above: little regard for the customer, and all about their own scheduling, etc. it's as if we were a bother. The trip I am on presently is late: the bus was without heat or internet, so they decided to swap busses in route (where they once stopped for food) and make us change. New bus has heat and internet, but could care less about our schedule.

No food. We had to wait for the driver to do endless checks and he acted as if it was normal to be so late. They told me I could not sit in the first two rows because they thought a leak had occurred. It is clear outside.

I'm saving money for the next train ride. Much more predictable.


Guess that depends on where you're at. In NYC, Megabus people are helpful and respect their customers.

Often enough, they would stop a bus as it's about to pull off because some late person literally RAN over to catch their bus. Now what kind of "joke of a company...with 0 regards for its customers" does that?

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