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This was my first time and last time riding megabus. My bus arrived late that was no problem because it was a couple minutes but wen I arrived two hours and thirty minutes to a different town and got stuck for three hours because the ride had no idea where the bus was now I had a really important family memorial for my grandma who passed last year to get to in Greenville ms but didn’t make it because of the bus unpredictable schedule so I was sad about that .

Then when it comes to me coming back home my bus was a couple minutes late I started to panic because I know how the bus was wen I arrived it was two hours behind but the bus came at 10:05 pm instead of 10pm which was find until I’m on the bus and it’s freezing cold because the emergency exit wouldn’t close and the heat was cold air blowing so my nose running we constantly have to get off for fueling so I’m even colder , lastly the reason I never wanna experience you guys again besides the bus driver who was unprofessional arguing with a customer is because we arrived to Chicago 3and a half hours later the the scheduled time leaving me to have to stay outside for about an hour n thirty minutes to wait on a ride that had been there already from 9:15am the supposed arrival time til 11 and we didn’t make it til 11:45 am like megabus was a complete horrific experience especially for me because i normally don’t ride megabus and for it to be my first experience with you guys .

shanika customer service manager told me I needed to send a email for the complaint I called to make the complaint. (662) 347-1875 contact number

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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