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I take Megabus round trip at least once a month. Years ago the wifi seemed to work reliably.

NOW NEVER WORKS. On ones laptop it will show connected to an excellent wifi signal but trying to sign in beyond the Agreement Terms page doesn't work. NEVER, I called Sweden, Megabus's Swedish wifi provider, ICONERA technical dept is Megabus's wifi provider and they said Megabus never contacted them about work orders that their wifi systems weren't working. They said they would approach the problem from their end to fix it.

Megabus COULD NOT CARE LESS that their wifi doesn't work. Their customer service receives enough complaints. Bolt Bus wifi is 10 for 10 and the driver asks before taking off if the wifi is working properly. If it isn't he will reboot the wifi router to get it to work.

I am tired of Megabus's I could care less service and will take BOLT BUS FROM NOW ON even though more expensive because there is such a demand for quality. Megabus is just a step up from the Chinatown buses.

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Riding from San Antonio to Houston. The "megabusRIDE" is the only network that shows up - tried to connect to that on my laptop.

and it says I was connected, with no internet. Tried typing in megabus.com (from directions listed on their website) - received no internet error message. I tried restarting and troubleshooting. Nothing.

Megabus, here's a tip...don't advertise free wifi if you can't deliver. Customers with low expectations won't be as upset...

Its cool and all that you have your new lil app but I just want your wifi. 5/24/18


Yup. Twice this weekend Vegas to L.A.

it didn't work. On the way to L.A. the network didn't even show up. To Vegas...

it just plain won't work. I feel this is false advertising.


Same experience here again today (April 30, 2018.) Megabus WiFi should be named Negabus. False promises with big frustration and negative impact on passengers.

Will be giving my repeat business to someone who delivers and cares. And urging my networks to do same.


A step DOWN from Chinatown for me. I just took a Chinatown bus from nyc to Charlotte and it had WiFi and overhead storage. I’m now taking a megabus back to nyc from Charlotte and they don’t have either thing even though they advertise that they have that *** This is complete and utter *** that should not be perpetuated


Having second problem on Megabus every two weeks. Will try Bolt. This is ridiculous!


Where is the wifi you are advertising??.In last 10 rides I had internet maybe once!


bad wifi in india mega bus pvt ltd india does not care there wifi is slow and almost never works


Thank you for pointing that out


Fully true egabus service is s..ty. Wi fi not working many times inside bus is too cold in winter time and too hot in summer.

Power suplies also is turned off.

Megabus not recommended. Today is my last travel, no more megabus.

Manchester, England, United Kingdom #924863

I had to sit on my *** flat aching me for over 5 hours sitting straight.

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #803487

It's fraudulent that they claim they have wireless.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #729795

I want to sue them. Class-action.

It's common knowledge that the wifi does not work and they should not advertise that they have it. We should at least start a Facebook page or something.


Taken ten or more megabus trips out of dc and its never worked.

to Merk #1403248

Always the Dc - NYC trip. Hasn't worked in years.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #679334

It's true, the wireless never works.

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