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I take Megabus round trip at least once a month. Years ago the wifi seemed to work reliably.

NOW NEVER WORKS. On ones laptop it will show connected to an excellent wifi signal but trying to sign in beyond the Agreement Terms page doesn't work. NEVER, I called Sweden, Megabus's Swedish wifi provider, ICONERA technical dept is Megabus's wifi provider and they said Megabus never contacted them about work orders that their wifi systems weren't working. They said they would approach the problem from their end to fix it.

Megabus COULD NOT CARE LESS that their wifi doesn't work. Their customer service receives enough complaints. Bolt Bus wifi is 10 for 10 and the driver asks before taking off if the wifi is working properly. If it isn't he will reboot the wifi router to get it to work.

I am tired of Megabus's I could care less service and will take BOLT BUS FROM NOW ON even though more expensive because there is such a demand for quality. Megabus is just a step up from the Chinatown buses.

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It’s 2019 and the WiFi still not working! Bus driver doesn’t even know how to restart router


Facts. I’ve been on several Megabus trips assuming it was the individual bus just to find that, no, it’s not the bus.

It’s the entire network somehow. Smh.


Did you check your default DNS protocols? I had to change from automatically switching to (google) and using theirs instead. Go to network settings, adapter settings, right click wifi, go to properties, find ipv4 in the list, go to properties, check box for "Automatically find DNS" Problem solved for me, after an hour of sitting with no wifi :)


Maybe spray-painting NO WiFi HERE on every MegaBus one can find might prompt these *** to stop advertising fraudulently.


Never going megabus again. No Wi-Fi, false advertising!




San Jose to LA today, there is no Megabus WiFi show up to log in, driver said he can’t do anything


Wifi never works in Texas either, but the bus ride is cheap so I keep buying tickets.


San Jose to LA On August 24 ,2018 and no Wi-Fi. The only reason I took the bus instead of driving is so that I could work on the way down and now i can’t even do that.

Completely misleading and false advertisement to claim free Wi-Fi.

Bus driver could care less and announced it wasn’t his problem. Never using megabus again until this issue is addressed with the customer support it deserves.


I'm on my return trip bus, and yet again-no wifi. If you don't have wifi, then don't say you do-that's false advertising!


Yep, I'm on one right now and there isn't even a network to connect to - so no wifi.


Yep im on a megabus right now actually and guess wifi. The contact center is a joke, i just got off the phone with a woman who wanted to read aloud the exact word for word instructions on the website(i guess she assumed i could not read over the fact that there is legit no wifi) Im not sure why they dont take into consideration how important a wifi option is to people booking with them. Anyways epic fail megabus


Bring a @#$# book...


What does one thing have to do with another? You can read books from your phone and not drain your battery as much if they provided the service guaranteed at ticket purchase. Hush that.


Boston -> NYC Jul 26 The wifi doesn’t work. I willnewer use megabus again!


Riding from San Antonio to Houston. The "megabusRIDE" is the only network that shows up - tried to connect to that on my laptop.

and it says I was connected, with no internet. Tried typing in (from directions listed on their website) - received no internet error message. I tried restarting and troubleshooting. Nothing.

Megabus, here's a tip...don't advertise free wifi if you can't deliver. Customers with low expectations won't be as upset...

Its cool and all that you have your new lil app but I just want your wifi. 5/24/18


Yup. Twice this weekend Vegas to L.A.

it didn't work. On the way to L.A. the network didn't even show up. To Vegas...

it just plain won't work. I feel this is false advertising.


Same experience here again today (April 30, 2018.) Megabus WiFi should be named Negabus. False promises with big frustration and negative impact on passengers.

Will be giving my repeat business to someone who delivers and cares. And urging my networks to do same.


A step DOWN from Chinatown for me. I just took a Chinatown bus from nyc to Charlotte and it had WiFi and overhead storage. I’m now taking a megabus back to nyc from Charlotte and they don’t have either thing even though they advertise that they have that *** This is complete and utter *** that should not be perpetuated


Having second problem on Megabus every two weeks. Will try Bolt. This is ridiculous!