We used megabus for the 1st time friday night, and what a joke; never again..I was told sternly by the very unfriendly woman on the other end of the phone when i made my booking, to make certain to be there 15 mins before it was due to leave; Why? We were waiting nearly an hour freezing in the m iddle of town before it rolled in with no apologises from the miserable driver.

Now to make matters even worse, now on the wway back, i need megabus to be on time so i can get my last bus home.

It started out on time but pulled up and parked for 20 mins for no apparent reason! If i miss my last bus home, im stuck, as i have no taxi fare and all the trains to my area end at 11pm.

You may be a cheaper way to travel megabus, but if you carry on like this, believe me people will not bother; im not again.

J1 Taylor

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