I am a frequent megabus gold user between London and Cardiff. I actually was on the flagship launch and maiden journey (apparently)....really like the service from A to Z ....that is except D for driver...

I have had everything from catching one of the rifling through a young ladies bag to snapping in a rage threatening not to take me over a simple question.

I understand it may be a tough job or tiring or whatever but simply being able to drive a bus isn't quite enough. How about dealing with customers in a respectable manner?

I've lost count of how many incidents I personally have had or witnessed from others run ins with them....you be polite with them and it's pointless. Not to say they're all bad there are some really excellent drivers who are conscious of being polite and courteous but unfortunately most of the time it seems that there is also the obnoxious aggravated *** intent of having a hissing fit and the rush of power followed by "yooz wonay be gaaan anywhere pal!!!".....sort it out megabus before they start having long periods of sickness leave.....

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