I used to be a frequent rider (from Montreal-Toronto) on the megabus. I had no problems riding the bus.

I took the bus at least once a month. Well, all that changed with that one experience. My trip was schedule from 5:30pm and arrive in Toronto at 12:00am. I usually arrive early to get a good seat on the bus, and I got the seat in the front on the doubledecker, everything was normal.

15 minutes before the bus left, a young couple (in their early twenties)entered the bus and were furious that I was sitting in the seat that they wanting. For couple of minutes, both customers verbally harassed me, made racist remarks (I'm mixed), and threat to beat me up if I didn't move. Most of the seats were filled and I kept quiet, till the threats became apparent that they were going to hurt me. So, I turned to them, and told them to please stop, and asked other passengers to please help me.

I had one passenger told me to shut up, and keep quiet. No one came to my defence, so I had off the bus to the speak to the driver. I told the driver what was being said, rather than kicking the passengers off, he turned to me and told me to get off the bus instead. The couple had confessed to hurting me, but the driver didn't care to help, he said that they have the right to free speech.

He told me to either shut my mouth, or get off the bus. So, knowing that if I got off, I wouldn't arrive in Toronto till 3:30am by myself, I had no choice but to stay on, plus if I did got off I would have lost my seat. So, I stayed on the bus.

For the entire trip, the couple punched my seat, and threat to strangle me if I fell asleep on the bus. Other passengers heard what they were saying, but no one cared.

With the trip, I tried very hard to hold my bladder so I could protect my stuff, but couldn't, so I packed as much as a could into my purse, and left my napsack behind. When I came back, my bag was robbed. I couldn't call the police because the driver refused to stop. WORST TRIP EVER!

When I arrived in Toronto, I ran as they chased me. Thank goodness there were police, so I ran to them.

The next day I called megabus and told them everything that happened, the company turned around and blamed me saying I should had called the police...I tried to get the driver charged for neglect for protection on the bus, but the company refused to released the driver's name.

There was nothing I could do. Went to the police, and they told me that there was nothing I could do.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Get yourself some pepper spray or a gun.Do not be a victim anymore.


Similar experience yesterday., Filed the complaint in Consumer Affairs. I pictured attackers and it show their aggression.

I am very sorry for your experience and also for a mean comments here.

let me see what will happened next. Bad people happened, I feel your pain.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #674667

lmao this is hilarious


What a wild imagination!You better sleep with your light on so the boogieman dosent steal your blankie!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


Sorry I call BS on this one.

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