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I was there on time as requested.

My mistake was that I stood in the wrong line but noticed early enough to run back to the right place. I get to the door and the driver clearly sees me but decided to shut it.

I wave at him and he raises his hands in a “too bad” gesture and turns around and starts to pull up.

I was standing on the corner of the road, stopped at a red light, asking when the next bus would be and he decides that the best course of action would be to honk at me instead of answering.

I am not cattle in the middle of the road. I am a human being using my words, and if he only knows how to resort to aggressive action, he doesn’t belong in a service job interacting with people and a person with such a temper certainly can’t be trusted to safely drive people

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Service.

Monetary Loss: $59.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Megabus Pros: Comfortable bus.

Megabus Cons: Terrible service.

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Well since you’re alive to whine it can be that bad. If you were in the road and blocking them they had every right to honk their horn at you.

You may not be cattle but you’re obviously not bright. You don’t stand in front of a bus!! Your words were hitting the grill of the bus and NOT the driver. You may have been there on time but these ppl are on a schedule.

Oh you were in the wrong line, so that should hold up every other passenger on that bus because YOU couldn’t figure out WHERE TO STAND!!! How about you take some responsibility for screwing up? Can you even do that? No you’re completely incapable of really admitting your faults.

You admit the screw up but IMMEDIATELY turn it on them. That’s not taking responsibility. That’s you justifying your lack of intelligence and common sense. It’s easier to blame THEM for not being nice enough to stop and make an exception just for you then it is to ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS!!!

It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. I swear I certainly hope you’re not representative of our future if so we are truly doomed.