Chicago, Illinois

Dear Disgrace to the American Travel Providers (Mega Bus),

I cannot fully express my disappointment and utter disgust with the customer service of Mega Bus and its low quality drivers. One of your drivers knowingly STOLE my belongings and I have not heard back! The word “loathe” is even an understatement and I am telling everyone I know about how terrible and unprofessional both my driver and the customer service representatives have been since my trip taken on Friday, June 21st.

I arrived at Union Station in Chicago with only a purse and a carry-on size bag (within the required limits). For some reason, the driver would not allow me to bring my carryon bag with me onto the bus even though he verified that it was not a full bus. I then had to open my bag ON THE STREET while he left to go on the bus and grab my individual items to hand carry awkwardly onto the bus. This included, my purse, pillow and blanket, computer and charger, and a striped cooler from London that had $50 french pastry in it which I was bringing to my sister in Des Moines as a gift for her birthday.

When I arrived in Des Moines, IA at 12:30 p.m., I loaded up everything in my arms to leave the bus except the striped bag by accident, however, the driver looked at me, stood next to my seat and asked if I had forgotten anything, which I said no because I didn’t realize I had but the driver didn’t say anything after he looked at my seat (which the strap of the bag was fastened to). I think because that *** saw that it was a lunch box, he wanted its contents and knowing let me walk off the bus. Exactly 30 minutes after I left I realized what happened and called the 1-800 number on the website and spoke to someone that was not helpful so I sent 4 emails to I wanted to drive to meet the bus at the next stop to get my sister’s expensive birthday gift, but no one was helpful.

I even had my friend in Chicago meet the next bus to arrive at Union Station at 6:50 pm and she put that driver on her cell phone so he could help me. He explained that he was not the original bus that I was on and that that specific bus left Des Moines at 5:00 p.m., which had just passed and if some of the INCOHERENT CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS would’ve cared enough to actually help me, then I could’ve met the bus before it left to return!!! Either way, I stayed up until midnight waiting for that bus to arrive in Chicago and then called the dispatch number given to me by the driver. There was no bag turned in and I even called the next day and still there was nothing. I would’ve shipped those to my sister because she did not have access to them in Iowa. I want a FULL RIMBURSEMENT of $50 so that I can still give her a birthday present!!!

Even now, I have called the company at the 800 number, sent multiple emails with my trip number, called the REAL customer service number that I got from a different driver and had them send an email to, and spent no less than 5 hours contacting the company to address my issue and I STILL HAVE NOT HEARD BACK 10 DAYS LATER!!!!!! I absolutely hate this company and think that it doesn’t even belong in America because it is such a poor representation of the transportation industry options that are available to travelers needing safe, reliable solutions that are affordable. PLEASE RESPOND AND SEND MY REFUND BECAUSE THE DRIVER STOLE MY BAG AND I WAS HELPLESS AFTER TRYING ALL RESORTS PROVIDED BY YOUR COMPANY!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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