Had personal matters come up...(we All do) so vacation had was cancelled :(...Try to send an email to InQuiries.MegaBus.com for refund or reschudule for a later date,but was told I had to reschudule within 24hrs after my travel time!!

Please I ask for A refund??

My reservation summary order is AAGSIRI...Reservation Number is 33/34-7205-071512-M36-1430-PIT-WAS it came from my account...Email address Anderson.Sharon1966@yahoo.com Please can someone help me?this was my 1st experience with MegaBus,and I`m feeling very disappointed in how the out come is...

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Sheila bus never show up


Part 2 We began our trip with the emergency hatch either broken or open, if flapped and hit the ceiling of the bus at every bump, plus an alarm of some sort beeped every few minutes, probably an alert that the hatch was not secure.The bus was mega nasty and dirty, the same was the attitudes of the driver/loader.

No announcement was made to us boarding as to what happened and why we were so late, so we rolled on to the next pick-up in Indianapolis. Thank God we made it to Chicago in one piece. I did say to the driver, never again, and he said"OK". The entire experience was awful, I could not wait to get home and bathe, the pick up site under a viaduct in Louisville at that time of night was teaming with homeless, thieves and all sorts of criminal activity.

I felt unsafe and had to be bombarded with people asking for money, all sorts of dirty and mentally ill people, like they were sharks in a feeding frenzy.

I cannot stress the importance of good response to handicap individuals, I am so thankful that I worked hard following my stroke to regain movement, cognition and self awareness and did include in the profile my needs, but they went unattended to.I thank God I did not have to use a wheel chair or walker, even crutches would have been met with resistance.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1320365

i buy in and out ticket to go from philadelphia to DC and from DC to philadelphia and my time to came back is 5:15 from DC to philla and i get the bus ststion @5:00 and they told me that in can get in with my famliy and i need to wait till next bus i dont no why day did that to me i need my money now or i will call my cedit card people to cancell the card if you dont give me my money in twoday

to patience lamptey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1321107

i get the bus station @ 5:00pm and they said we can get in from DC to philadelphia i dont no why and they said i need to wait to 7pm that very wrong i need my money now this is my Resera#18/24-1079-0417M31r-1715-wasphi


I was in the hospital from December 27, 2016 to March 14, 2017 and I have a request and I have faxed[D)30-8943-123016-M71R-1400-Hou-Dall

Melbourne, Florida, United States #1283622

El dia martes 8 de Febrero, tenía reserva para las 8:30 para el trayecto de Fort Lauderdale a Orlando, llame una hora antes para cambiar mi reserva para otro dia, pero no fué posible.Al llamar por teléfono el caballero Jordan me explicó, que esto se tiene que hacer *** tres horas de anticipación.

Se presentó una emergencia en casa de mi hija y no pude viajar por ese motivo. Estoy comprando un nuevo tiquete para este viernes 10 saliendo a las 11:10 am de Fort Lauderdale. Mi inquietud es que siendo un pasajero frecuente de su empresa, me encantaría sentirme bien atendido si ustedes me reembolsan este valor, no *** dinero, sino *** un voucher que yo pueda utilizar en mi próximo viaje. Reserva #16/17-5234-020717-M86R-0830-FOR-ORL.

Dora Salas. Email: rasa47@hotmail.com.

Teléfono 407-590-7401.Gracias

Orlando, Florida, United States #1250131

The.Bus brook.

Down. We had to what two hours still miss my. Bus i. Ihad to what 3 hours cause bus was late would like a refund it was a lot of trouble my reservation.

Number. Is AFQPDGA. I bought the ticket onthe 2. Of.

December. My email.

Lisawillis345@gmail.com.thank you

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1238561


New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #1238557

If there is an attorney or anyone that knows an attorney please I 'm look for a class action law suit against megabus corporate 5046025339 I think they practice bad business and they have too many complaints...

Shady Hills, Florida, United States #1219912

We all need to get Attorney and file a class action lawsuit against the Mega Bus company.. They cannot continue to steal people hard earned money .They have very poor customer service and all I wanted was to reschedule my ticket to another time...

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