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What I do i do if I put the wrong email address on accident. I put dave35@***.com I meant to put Dave35russell@***.com

2 answers
I have the same problem. Trying to sort it out now. Let me know if you figure out a solution.

Please reach out to Megabus Customer Service by phone at (877) 462-**** or by email at enquiries@***.com and provide them with full details regarding your issue. 

Please note that you can change any of the personal information held related to your name, address, etc. Simply login and select Personal Information from the top menu bar. Make any necessary adjustments and then save your changes.

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How can i get another bus ticket. Since i miss the bus

by Gaila Hxs

I made it to the bus station at 545 cause i had to wait on the what can i do to get on next bus to go to Memphis later

0 answers

Mega bus is operating from NYC to Newark or Wilmington in Delaware?

by Ahmed B Fsk

0 answers

How much is 2 tickets to Las Vegas from la

by Jasamine Frn

0 answers

I book my ticket on the website an didn’t receive my confirmation number. How can this be resolved?

by Mervyn Hgz

I book a ticket an didn’t receive my confirmation number

0 answers

Mega bus Route

by Aldene Jzz

When will Megabus resume route from San Francisco to Los Angeles? Thanks!

0 answers


by Taylon Qtr

I wanted to know if the rgistration info sent to me on my phone is what I need to board the bus, or do I need to stop at the counter to pick the ticket up?

0 answers

What is the Flix bus

by Christe Oie

0 answers


by Juditha M

When it will resume the trip please

We are planning to travel on the 14th of April 2020 at night

Thank you

0 answers

Do Megabus go from Kansas City to Forrest city

I need a busy tickets I try see how much whould it cast

1 answer
According to, Megabus canceled its service in Kansas City.

Service Dog Issue

Typo....the dog enjoyed the seating I didn't! Sorry typed the last message in the dark..

there should be a way or place where the animals can be.

Paying for seating and not enjoying the this long 14 hour ride comfortably is unfair to the customer not the dog? Please tell me how I can get a refund on my reserve seating fee?

1 answer
Unfortunately, the Megabus Faq page does not provide any information on how to get a refund on your reserved seating fee. However, you may always contact Megabus Customer Service by submitting a request on the company website.
You may also try to reach out to Megabus Customer Service at (877) 462-**** or via the support form on the Pissed Consumer website.

Do you go from buffalo ny to charlotte nc

by Arelys Klb

0 answers

Why is the contact email spelled that way?

'enquiries' and not with 'inquiries'?

1 answer
Unfortunately, does not provide any details on why “enquiries” is spelled that way. However, you may always contact Megabus Customer Service by phone at +44 207 1** **16 or by email at enquiries@***.com and ask for assistance.

Cana passenger stay on bus & get off at different location?

My 85 year old mother (Amelia Rodriguez) was booked on trip from San Antonio to Houston but wrong location Shell 1960 was selected. I would like to see if she can be dropped off at Katy mills location since I live in Missouri City.

Her reservation is 50-7843-****20-M77R-0730 SAN-HNW. Scheduled to arrive at 12:20

1 answer
Unfortunately, does not provide any information if it is possible to be dropped off at a different location.
However, it is stated that all seats on are sold on a reservation basis and you must travel at your specified time and date. Customers are required to be at their departure point at least 15 minutes before their selected trip is scheduled to depart.
This allows Megabus drivers to board customers in a timely manner avoiding any delays that may impact the departure of the vehicle. No refunds or credits will be given in instances where customers miss the bus. However, reservations can be changed on the company website up until 6 hours prior to departure.

How I can find the Megabus stop?

In Loughborough there is 3 stops of Megabus can I wait on the stop near my house but on booking the stop is on Ashby Road ?

1 answer
According to the Megabus Stops page, there is a bus stop on A512, Ashby Road just before the Holywell Way roundabout and after the junction with University Road.
To get more information about the Megabus stops, please contact the Megabus customer care team by phone at +44 (0) 900 **** 900 or by email at enquiries@***.com.

Can I leave my vehicle at the Megabus parking lot?

1 answer
According to, users recommend that you park in the Megabus lot with the printout on your dash. Sometimes you can even get away with writing "MEGABUS" and the date of your return on a piece of paper.

Will you take a prepaid card

1 answer
According to Megabus FAQs, the company does accept debit & prepaid cards.

How could I get a refund

My ride had got sick and couldn’t drive to Memphis to drop me off

1 answer
According to the Megabus refund policy, Megabus reservations cannot be canceled or refunded, but they can be traded in for another journey.

Riding at a different time

by Dustin Uos

I saw people waiting for the new mega bus and the driver said come on this one. So coming home I asked if there would be room and the driver charged $10.

The other driver just let them on since there was plenty of room on both buses. Is that right? He never even changed the reservations which I know costs.

I think he just pocketed the money. Any ideas?

0 answers

how to change my travel date? I have bought a ticket of 10/21/19. I need change to 10/23/19.

I have bought a ticket of 10/21/19. I want to change to 10/23/19.

1 answer
According to Megabus FAQs, if there is more than 3 hours before the new travel date, you may trade in your reservation.
  • Go to,
  • Click on “change trip" and enter your order or reservation number and your email address,
  • Choose a new reservation,
  • Follow the steps provided.
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