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Hello am in Riverdale Maryland I need to go to Philadelphia on Thursday evening and I want to use megabus how can I get it in Maryland thanks.


Trip confirmation

Due to the hurricane and flooding, Will Megabus be traveling from Washington DC to atlanta on 9/21 at 11pm?



Second lauggage

I have two bags. Can I pay for the second bag in order to be able to ride on Megabus.

How much will it cost?


I do not have any more question. Please send an answer to my question as soon as possible.


Their website recommends to do the following: you need to check whether your bags do not exceed the limits allowed by Megabus baggage policy. Each luggage item shouldn’t be more than 62 inches when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height) and should not weigh more than 50 pounds. Such luggage inquiries are quite frequent among Megabus customers so you can find the answer to the similar question here:


Can i board a day early

I paid for tickets for for july 17 2018. But i cant pay for another night a hotel. Will i be a to board a day early


Following Megabus Terms and conditions, you can change your reservation. However, you need to pay extra fees for it depending on the original time of the departure.

To find more information on how to change the reservation and how much it will cost you, read the question: "Can I cancel a trip?"


Need answers

1. Do my 7 month old have to stay in her car seat the whole ride?


How many stops will we make?

3. Do mega bus have seat belts for baby car seat?,


Megabus claims in its FAQs that children under the age of 7 are recommended to use a child safety seat; however, it’s not a must. So it can be concluded, that the baby may not spend the whole ride in a car seat.

For more answers to the related questions follow the link:


Can I use a hand written reservation

I booked a ride but i wrote it down on a piece of paper. I have the reservation number written down can i use this


You may find more details on when the reservation number is considered to be valid according to Megabus policy in an answer to the question "Do I have to print out Megabus ticket, or can I just show it in my phone?"



If im running can i cath my bus at the next stop


To make sure whether it’s possible to get on a bus on the next stop, read the following article that includes quotes from Megabus Terms and conditions:



Can I cancel a trip?


According to Megabus FAQs, the passenger can’t just cancel the bus ticket and get the refund. Also customers shouldn’t expect reimbursement if the bus journey was cancelled or delayed due to weather or road conditions, traffic or other reasons for which Megabus is not responsible for.

The only option the passengers have in such situations is to trade in the ticket for another bus trip no less than 3 hours prior to the departure.

But it should be noted that the customers should pay additional fees for such trade-ins: from $3.00 to $7.50 depending on time before the departure. Also, there can be extra payments if, for example, the reservation was changed on the phone .



How much is it for a extra bag


According to Megabus luggage policy you can take one piece of baggage per one passenger’s reservation and one small carry-on handbag aboard. If you exceed this limit, get to know how much you need to pay for extra luggage items here:



Im thinking of taking your bus form Orlando to atlanta. Can you pay cash on the bus or do you have to purchase the ticket in advance ?



Does megabus do express buses from hartford ct to north carolina


Route help


Route help

Need ticket from New Orleans, LA to Dallas, Tx.


I want to know what information is required buses?

I wanted to know what kind of information is needed to board one of your buses?


Calling for information

I need to know how much is it for a ticket new york city



I need a refund for a ticket. What’s the procedure for getting that done?


Need to know some information

I'm trying to go to Miami,fl and i want to know do you go there


Want to know how close bus stop to the Dallas airport

Just need to kn how close bus stop to Dallas-Fort airport



I wanted to take a trip to see my family in Boulder City Nevada Round trip but it not finding the city or Vegas but your Web site says there trip to Vegas can u please find me a qoute for round trip from San Antonio to Boulder City Nevada.



I accidentally purchased two tickets for the same destination. I wanted to know if there was anyway possible I could get a refund?


I had a round trip ticket to Atlanta Ga. and back to Mobile Al but didnot return on the Megabus can.I. get a refund on the ticket


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