I've caught the megabus several times now from Birmingham to Preston and back and on a few occasions it has been late. However my coach was due to arrive at 20:10 but because of an accident on the m6 all coaches into Birmingham were delayed.

I waited until the last coach and asked them to enquire the whereabouts of my coach and it had apparently been through my stop. I had asked all the coach drivers when they showed up and not one of them were going to my stop apart from the M11.

However I wasn't allowed on this coach because my ticket was for the CM15, I waited till 22:30 which was about 3 hours after arriving before being told that I could get on next coach at 02:35 in morning as long as their was a space available. I didnt wait for this coach, not for beans was I gonna hope only problem is trying to get a refund or just complain is taking a long time.

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