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I decided to catch the 3pm bus from Chicago to New York. I arrive at 2:30 to wait on the bus, by 3pm there is nearly about 50 passengers waiting to get on the bus.

Around 3:30pm a bus arrives at the stop and tells passengers that he’s not picking up anyone but dropping off. The bus leaves, an hour goes by and no bus to Cleveland is in sight we start to contact the customer service number and they tell everyone as they call one by one that the bus left at 3:40pm I’m hearing several people plead with customer service telling them that this information isn’t correct and that no bus picked up passengers at 3:40pm they even tried to get us to rebook claiming that we missed the bus.

After arguing with customer service for an hour megabus finally tells the on-site representative that the bus will arrive at 5pm. No bus arrives at 5pm called customer service again and they tell us this time there’s no bus coming we missed the bus. At this point we had all already received emails stating that the bus is delayed like who hired these people!!!

So the bus ended up arriving at 6pm which was a three hour delay! Mind you the temperature dropped and we were all waiting outside in the cold for this late *** bus.

Get on the bus you would think that everything will go smoothly after that awful experience but things only got worse! So I fell asleep and woke up on an empty bus at the Cleveland stop we were suppose to connect from there to NYC. Turns out the bus driver tells me that we have a problem the bus going to New York wasn’t aware that she had any New York passengers therefore the dispatcher didn’t tell the bus to wait so I’m basically stuck in *** Cleveland at this point I’m pissed!!!

I don’t know anyone in Cleveland I don’t feel safe staying overnight alone somewhere unfamiliar especially under these circumstances. The bus driver calls her supervisor named Sonja and she basically tells her to leave me and I will figure it out, hangs up on her after telling her don’t call her phone with the *** so yes MEGABUS WAS GOING TO LEAVE ME STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF WHAT I WOULD CALL NOWHERE AS I DONT KNOW ANYONE IN CLEVELAND OHIO and they wouldn’t pay for me a hotel nor compensate me for me having to rebook through greyhound to catch the 2:30am bus. They wanted me to figure it out on my own and placed me in danger in unknown territory until the next bus arrived at 12am the next day meaning I would have had to stay overnight and wouldn’t have arrived home until Sunday. I am never taking the megabus again in life!

Megabus gotta be the most jankiest unprofessional bus company on the planet!! I need my refund for the greyhound ticket I had to book to get home, I need a refund of the lyft I had to take to bus station, I need refund of my original ticket and I need pain and suffering or I’m sending this story straight to publications to repost .

I have the video of your supervisor telling driver to leave me stranded. Their idea of compensation is bus credits I don’t want to ride another megabus in life so I need monetary compensation ASAP.

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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