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I missed my bus and I was told I could take the next bus by just paying an additional $5.00; however, that was not true. The Megabus stop in Baltimore, MD is very difficult to find.

I left 2.5 hours before departure time and I still missed the bus, and on top of that the address they had provided on the website took me to the bus stop that leaves for New York not Toronto. I was told to email them and I would receive a response within 3-5 business days by the representative but that was not true either. Megabus has horrible customer service, they absolutely do not care about their customers of 10 years. It has no meaning to them.

They don't even let you speak to a supervisor.

I would definitely not recommend anyone using their services. They just lost 6 loyal customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Yes, .i've used Megabus for years and tonight I tried to change my reservations time and they said no. BUT online it starts that you can change your time ahead of time, 3 hours.

But they STILL refused. So I'm out of $80. As if I have it to waste. If I did, I wouldn't take the bus!

I will never use Megabus again and I will warn everyone I can. False Advertising!!!!

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Megabus refund policy is quite straightforward about this matter: no refunds are issued if the passenger was at fault for missing the bus.

However, there is still an option for the Megabus customers in such situations: to trade in the ticket for another bus trip prior to the departure. But it should be noted that the customers should pay additional fees for such trade-ins: from $3.00 to $7.50 depending on time before the departure. Also, there can be extra payments if, for example, the reservation was changed on the phone.

Also, correct bus stops can be found at the “Bus Stops” tab:https://us.megabus.com/stops


Megabus is increasingly revealing itself to be a just greedy and untrustworth company.

to Anonymous #1566767

This is why I take Amtrak and do not recommend Mega Bus to anyone! There is no need to be this greedy! Why not give credit if for certain situations.

to Anonymous #1627430

Yes they are. It is staffed by a lot of foreigners who read from a book not answering questions.

They refuse to let you talk to supervisors. They are more than rude and are quite inflexible even when it is not clear where or what part of the bus station you should be boarding. They obviously do not pay staff well hence their staff are not well versed in understanding about customer service.

They refuse to give you cotporate’s number as well. Do not ride megabus...they are money hungry and the service is lacking!


I see we're all aging angry Trump voters here, hopefully he'll put all this TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE behind that big wall! And then make a constitutional amendment that we are GUARANTEED good customer service and freebies wherever we go!

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #841120

I have made a compliant twice and no one has gotten back with me .

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