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I booked Megabus tickets for my daughter and her friend to attend a university open day in Leeds (travelling from London, Victoria Coach Station)and paid £24.50 including the booking fee. I had to change the date the next day and was told by their customeer helpline that I would be charged £1 per ticket amendment fee.

I went through their re-booking process and noticed I was being charged £22 for the journey. I called the helpline again and they said it was probably a glitch and I could claim a refund by emailing them, so I completed the transaction. Emailed them same day and received a reply saying my original booking had been credited against my 'new' booking but as the 'new' booking was less expensive I would get no refund. I have now paid double the price for one return journey and they are refusing to issue a £22 refund.

I have lodged a complaint with the Office of Fair Trading about Megabuses' unfair practices, but if this is how they treat customers I'd advise against having anything to do with them. My daughter said the trip was a nightmare anyway.

Took ages top get the outbound coach to start, the toilet was out of action and the driver on the return trip was offensive and refused to let her eat a meal she had grabbed during a 5 minute break at a service station on the coach even though there was no time to eat it during the 5 minute stop-over. I'll never use them again.

Location: Woking, England

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i booked a ticker to travel and my plans changed and they wont refung or reschedule my trip. i am so up set. i will nover booked with them again what a scam.


After my terrible experience and reading many similar expriences, I googled "I hate megabus." Turns out there's a page on Facebook. If you've had a terrible experience with them and want to be heard, just log in to your Facebook account and search WE HATE THE MEGABUS.


For a company with an A+ rating by the BBB, Megabus should be ashamed of themselves. Customer Service is a joke.

After trying to get a refund and being on hold for at least 2 hours on 3 separate occasions, I finally got the BBB involved. I bought tickets in 2009 and it is July 2010 and I am STILL waiting to get a simple refund for tickets that MEGABUS canceled. Sure, they had no control over the winter storm but instead of simply honoring the tickets I already had for a different day once the bus was up and running again, I was forced to purchase yet MORE tickets and then request a refund. I am still waiting for it 8 months later and despite the BBB's involvement and Megabus' promise to send me a check, I am still without the refund.

Before you buy a Megabus ticket, be warned: read their refund policy. For an A+ company, they should be ashamed.

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