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My bus was scheduled to leave from bflo.,ny at 11:45pm i arriived at the bus terminal 45minutes prior to my departure time. I waited at gate 13 and the bus NEVER showed uo, I called customer service and there was no one avaiable but the stupis automated system.

they don't don't reschedule unless its done 24hours in advance and no refunds. No notifications that the bus was cancelled or that it would be late.

As im typing im still sitting here and still NO *** MEGABUS!!!! NEVER AGAIN this is a horrible experience 4 me f

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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Just took megabus on a megacrappy ride from nyc to dc. The driver was trying to freeze all the passengers by leaving the door open when it was -4 below zero...

it worked. People were wearing extreme cold weather gear on the bus, gloves, hoods...driver did not care one bit that people were freezing because he had the bus door open. People were not coming and going, just a bus sitting there with the door wide open while it was freezing outside!!

NEVER take this bus. They were good when they started service, but now they totally suck...maybe 2019 will be the year they go out of business!


Megabus never showed up!!

Megabus hit a new low. The bus never came at all.

The bus was supposed to leave Chicago to Columbus at 8 am, and didn't come.

When we tried to reach customer service we were onhold for long time and then denied that there was a bus leaving at 8am on nov 4th when we gave them confirmation number, the lady said if it didn't come in time probably it won't come at all,and when I asked what should we do she replied I'm vulgar way " big deal we will refund the money back" I can't believe that any service could suck that bad. No more megabus for me or my family .


First time used Megasucks last August 2012. Bus was late 2 hours from DC to BOS.

Next day they sent email to apology and offer a free. Great? No so great. I felt to the trap: Have planned for Thank Giving to see my folks and would like to use the free ride they offer.

I called them waiting on the line about 30’ then someone answer then put me on hold 10 more minutes. Finally, she talk to me just like I asked a favor from her, her conclusion is: no more ticket for me because website show not available!!!

Thank you but no thank you MegaSucks even if you sent me offers for a year.

I will not accept it. I will use other bus and encourage other people will do so too.



Hope you got to your destination. I agree - Megabus is horrible.

I waited over two hour in the cold for the bus from VT to Boston not counting the fact that I showed up 45 minutes early. The bus never came. Two hours after we were supposed to leave, customer service still didn't know if it was coming or cancelled. How can you not know if a bus is cancelled 2 hours after it was supposed to have left?

They told me it was my choice if I wanted to wait and see if it was just running 2+ hours late or reschedule for the next day. There was another bus heading to NY and those passengers were left stranded with no information, too.

Getting through to customer service takes 20-40 minutes. Really a terribly run company!

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