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This is a Quick Overview what Happened On My Return Trip Home from Louisville to Atlanta Sat on Oct 15th which was supposed to be from 4:00-11:55. I have Pictures that I am including of What a Repulsive Ride we All Endured on this MegaBus Journey.

Sewage, YES, as in the Toilet Water Running Down the isle and under the Seats where Passengers are to put their Carry Ons. I Have Contacted MegaBus and DEMANDED A FULL REFUND. As This Review is Completely Separate from My Review in reference to My Journey to Louisville from Atlanta which covers The Abuse I Endured as A Paying Abused Disabled Passenger that I have already contacted MegaBus about. We Rode with under these 3rd World Country Unsanitary Health Code Violations as well as Safety Violations that were brought to the Drivers Attention and were responded with “That’s not My Job That is a Maintenance Thing” from Louisville KY to Atlanta Georgia.

I have to Say That was the Most Disgusting thing I have ever Seen and been Forced to Smell for so long in my Life. We could not even walk down the isle to use the downstairs bathroom. As for those of Us like Myself who can’t climb stairs, well the stairs to the Upper Level Bathroom were not an option. I am a 100% Disabled Customer with a Severely Compromised Immune System and will now have to go through a battery of Tests as well as Shots and Medication THAT I DO EXPECT MegaBus to Compensate Me for My Out Of Pocket Expense.

I do feel It is My Obligation to Inform EVERYONE of The Health Hazard That The MegaBus Passengers had to Endure (for the 10+hrs which is Separate Review All It’s Own) from Louisville Ky to the Atlanta GA Stop. The Federal Government Department of Transportation as well as The Department Of Disabled Civil Liberties will be Contacted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Bus Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Nearly two weeks later, have you had any health issues ?

Disgusting isn't going to get you anywhere.

You need to prove damage. Personal or property.

They only contracted to transport you from Point A to Point B.


What a horrendous trip !

I read your first complaint about the bullies, too.

I don't much care for driving as I have inner ear issues but anything sounds better than riding home in a toilet. I've seem limos with hottubs but nothing like this.