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Never forget your bag in the baggage hold if you take Megabus.Scratch that - never take Megabus.

Because even a simple moment of forgetfulness, which we've all had at least once, will cost you dearly. Calling them is useless. You'll reach someone paid to follow a script, who can barely throw together a coherent Lost and Found form, let alone contact the driver - or anyone who may be of actual use for locating your lost item. If you send in a Lost and Found form, you might as well be sending it into the void.

They take 4-5 business days to resolve an issue that could have been solved in an hour. The reply is a canned, robotic reply giving no information as to their procedure. From what can be gleaned, they might as well sit on their *** for a week, do a quick database search to see if anyone bothered to turn the bag in at the terminal, then call it an "in depth investigation" that turned up nothing. In my case, I simply can't explain how a bag that was left in the baggage hold when the bus was about to head to the bus terminal could have not been turned in to a properly implemented lost and found service.

It's utterly shameful. A slight review and/or modernization of their lost and found process would prevent this kind of issue from ever happening again. They could have put me through to the driver immediately after I realized my loss (about 20 minutes after getting off the bus). They could have ensured that someone at the terminal took a short 5 minutes to get ahold of my bag before the bus was sent to its next destination.

They could have put forth a well-defined protocol for clean-up crews to easily turn in lost property at the issue of their cleaning. It seems they've failed to do any of this. I used to ride the bus frequently; now I'm never riding it again. I once wrote a decent review of the service.

Believe me, I made sure to find and delete it. I'm also taking extra care to plaster the web with reviews trashing their awful lost and found service (or lack thereof).

Now, a bag whose contents' resale value can't be above $50 in used clothing and dirty laundry (though I'd pay $500 to have it all back) is probably going to cost the company thousands of dollars in lost business.Such an unfortunate, ***, avoidable situation.

Review about: Megabus Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Affordability, Safe driving.

I didn't like: Mean drivers, Lost and found.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #1284740

"Such an unfortunate, ***, avoidable situation"

You said it, don't forget your bags and this situation can be avoided.

Great advice for the youth of today.

to Anonymous #1284834

You're reviewing a review? Find something better to do with your time

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