I was on a Megabus travelling during the nite from Montreal to Toronto; the driver was french canadian and not customer service savvy; never said please or thank you to anybody - half way during the nite, he permitted a inebriated gentleman to get on and proceeded to terrorize the passengers who were students and older people with screaming profanities and uttering threats (i'll fu...kn kill you and hey driver turn the fuc..n music on i paid good money for it)for hours, until arriving to Kingston Ontario; I was mortified but didn't have my cell on me as i was on holidays; big mistake; i would have dialled 911 and bolted off the bus - felt like my life, every minute was in danger; the driver did nada - the guy was obviously drunk or the driver was as blind as a bat; he let him terrorize the passengers; it was only when we got to kingston that i bolted from the bus, ran inside the depot to find nobody there; thank goodness, the english driver from Kingston to Toronto, once pointed out by me, removed the drunkard immediately without hesitation; he asked me why i didn't call 911 - i asked him why his buddy let him on, if it was obvious to him, it should have been obvious to the weasel who picked him up in the middle of the nite and allowed him to sit with the passengers. Remember Greyhound in Manitoba where the poor innocent bystander got his head chopped off by a psycho; now we know how it can happen; with drivers like the one from Montreal. Your life is worth more than a cheap ticket; play it safe and travel with those who truly value your safety and security.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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Night time bus drivers are terrible. They just collect tickets then drive.

No customer service training at all. They don't make sure people hog extra seats before or during the trip and they do not warn people to stay quiet at night with ipods and talking on phones loudly. The night time drivers seem to be an angry shift who hate customers, or get paid badly.

They should find another job; and megabus management should pay attention to complaints and FULLY train drivers on complete customer service. I recoomend people contact Provincial transportation Ministers and complain about disgraceful and dangerous service of megabus night time drivers.


I have taken the same bus and I question the round trip price range. I did purchase a ticket on the day of travel and online the price was $45.00 from Kingston to Scarborough Town Centre one way.

Upon arriving the online ordering system had screwed up my reservation requiring that I depart at 9:30PM rather than the time I selected on the online system, 3:30PM. The driver made me purchase a second ticket at the counter which cost me $65.00 (counter service cost). The funny thing was, because I made the purchase at 3:31PM they could not issue me a ticket for the 3:30 bus so the driver had me purchase a ticket for the 4:30PM bus and permitted me to ride the 3:30. If he could allow me to ride the 3:30 with a ticket for 4:30 then why wouldn't he let me on with a ticket for the 3:30 with a ticket for the 9:30???

I have sent a request to Megabus asking for some form of refund but a week has passed and they simply say they have referred it to "their management team" for review. All in all it was the worst experience in travel possible and cost me $110 (would have cost $25.00 in gas if I drove). For $10.00 more than the online booking price you can take the train.

Faster, more comfortable, cleaner facilities and food available. NEVER AGAIN WILL I RIDE A MEGABUS!


Travelled from Montreal to TOronto last nightwas the worst trip i ever made on Megabus. first i was forced to give my seat because the lady with 2 kids pretended having seats reserved.

I never heard about that before, I thought that it was on first come, first serve basis. At Belleville, the driver stopped in the middle of cross road at the red traffic light. I supposed that he was so distracted whistling all the way from Kingston to toronto and filling his sheets .

You talked about dangerous driving !!!!! this was one.


Megabus my ***. more like megabust.

What a horrible company!!! I am never wasting my time or money on that rude, disorganized bunch of *** again. They have screwed me over more times than I can count now. In the end I would have saved money taking the train, and been comfortable as well.

Also, what is the point of having a "customer service" number when the only "service" they provide is to tell you that they can't do anything for you. Lesson learned, so done with them.


megabus sevice is garbagge


I have just had a bad experience with Megabus. My reservation was for a bus leaving Toronto (Aug.

31, 2011) scheduled to arrive at the Buffalo airport at 3:05 pm, where I had a plane departure at 4:23 pm. On boarding the bus, the driver told me he wouldn't make it to the airport until 4 pm, but then he dawdled along the way, lied about its taking just 15 minutes from the US border to reach the airport and then stopped in downtown Buffalo for a 5-minute restroom stop which was obviously going to last a lot more than 5 minutes.

My wife and I picked up our bags at that stop and took a (fast) taxi to the airport, arriving at the gate as the last passengers were boarding. Megabus has no respect for its schedules and cannot be relied on for airport trips.


Hello - my name is Denis and I work with CBC Radio in Montreal. Just wondering if someone who has had the experience of overbooking on the Megabus in Canada. Please call me as soon as you can at 514 597-****.Thanks,Denis Calnan


Man, that sounds like a farce! Yeah, some of the crew can be sketchy at best, alongside the finer elements of life riding the bus at that hour!

I had a "fun" ride on a Greyhound where some waste-of-life traveling from London to Toronto was threatening to strangle some teenage girls... driver did ***-all, all the way. Some of us had to hold him back at one point when they taunted him (!?).

Oh well...

maybe VIA Rail next trip... at least they have some rough guidelines for both service and what levels of inebriation they allow to roam their aisles.

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