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On October 7 I had a reservation with Mega Bus the bus was extremely cold and there was no where I could even charge my phone the photo includes my reservation number My name is Sheila Taylor 708-374-4692
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I would like to tell you how disgusting the toilet was on the 12 oclock trip to cardiff from victoria the toilet was full up and had no flush its not the first time as we use the service a lot through the year. why do we need to enter at least one hundred words to tell you the toilets were rotten and should have been cleaned before the bus left victoria so i surgest you up your game and start giving the public a proper service in the future and...
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I'm on a megabus right now it's freezing with air *** I had to put 3 tops on and trainers and socks cause I asked the driver nicely to turn down the air *** has it is so cold he just looked and me and did nothing so I have now been on this bus for 2 hours freezing I will never again get megabus going back to national express I did not pay money to travel and be cold the whole way home. Just pray he turns it off cause three more hours of this...
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