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I was traveling from State College, PA to New York City, at 2:40am, so I could catch an early afternoon flight to Europe.Before I say anything about the experience, let me just say that I had two bags with me, and yes, I know now that the rules say that you are only allowed one piece of luggage per customer.

That being said, the driver was absolutely unreasonable and incredibly nasty, and should be fired, because nobody should EVER treat customers the way that he did. When the bus pulled up in State College, the bus driver refused to let me on because I had too many bags. Now, the luggage compartment was half empty AFTER all the customers had put their bags in the compartment. I offered to pay extra for the bag- the driver refuses.

Then another passenger without luggage offered to take the bag as their piece of luggage- the driver still refuses and tells me I can't get on the bus, and threatens to leave without me. At this point I am extremely upset and in tears. I tell the bus driver to be reasonable, that I have a flight to Europe to catch- bus driver says "that's not my problem, and if you don't figure out what you're gonna do in five minutes, I'm leaving without you". Since I was desperate and didn't want to miss my flight, I finally just stuffed as much stuff into one of my bags that I could fit, and called my friend to come get my second bag from the sidewalk since the bus was going to leave right then and there.

Of course, when my friend came to the bus stop curb 5 minutes after the bus left, the bag was gone, along with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes. That bag contained all of the t-shirts, sweatshirts, and boxers that I owned, so thanks megabus, for making me lose half the clothes in my possession.

Now, I understand why they have to have a rule that limits one bag per customer. However, when the luggage compartment is HALF EMPTY and I am offering to pay extra for my bag, and when ANOTHER CUSTOMER WITHOUT LUGGAGE WAS OFFERING TO TAKE THE BAG AS THEIR ALLOTTED PIECE OF LUGGAGE, there is NO REASON for this to have happened.

This driver was being a *** for the sake of being a ***, and I won't rest until I find out that serious action has been taken against him.

Megabus is a terrible company, and I never plan on taking them in the future until I know that disciplinary action has been taken against this driver.Whatever happened to respect for other people?

Monetary Loss: $300.


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I know you read the luggage policy but you must understand that its in place for a reason, not to torment you but to accomadate everyone no matter if the compartment is empty or not.It is not up to you to make that decision if their is room or not.

Travel Advisory states although it is strictly against the conditions of carriage for any airline, cruise or bus company to allow someone to board knowingly the luggage does not belong to the peron boarding with it" I know people will do this all the time and no amount of waving the rule book is going to stamp it out. its Travel safety.

He did the right thing in not allowing the passenger to take your luiggage for you and he was in full policy not to accept any monetary for allowing your luggage for the sake of being fired or making money on the side as it strickly states 1 carry on and 1 luggage.Perhaps this is a perfect learning experience for you and next timeyou could use some other mode of transportation to transport yourself to an airport or have a friend drop you off.

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I bet someone really appreciated all the free clothes :D

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Well, this is interesting. Was just looking at how to get somewhere and will not be taking Mega Bus, 2 fares lost.

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The same thing happened to at Tampa, must of megabus drivers don't know how talk with costumes.


First of all if the luggage compartment isn't full, does not necessarily mean that it won't get full later when the bus makes more intermediate stops, so the argument that it was half empty when you boarded is moot.

Second of all, other passengers aren't allowed to carry luggage that isn't theirs for security reasons. People should carry luggage that they have packed themselves.

Just read the rules next time


whah whah whah, the bus driver refused to let me bend the rules which made him automatically rude.Grow up and stop acting like a two year old.

I should not have to follow the rules I am special.

That person ASSuming that the person making comment which is truthful about them knowing the rules must also be two years old mentally.JG0278 it is not about knowing or not knowing, it is about you acting like a two year old when they refused to change the rules just for you.

to Anonymous #1008584

Megabus allows you to pay for Extra luggage, that's not bending the rules this driver was just a ***.

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Mega bus service is not so bad but some staff are very notorious,


Service Support: To be fair, I didn't know the rules before I went, which is probably my fault and yes, I know that the luggage rack could have been full, in which case, I would have accepted full responsibility for not knowing the rules and not being able to get on the bus.But that's not the point.

The point was that it wasn't full, and the driver could have allowed the bag in the bus without any issue. State College is the last stop on the route before it gets to NYC, so it's not like other passengers were going to get on the bus later on either. There was absolutely no reason for the bus driver to make such a stink.

Also, according to the megabus website, passengers with a second bag could purchase a second ticket if they want to.

I offered to pay money for the bag. The driver still refused.

The driver was a *** for no reason.End of story.

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They stranded me along with about 20 other passengers in State College last Summer too.Most of us had luggages that were well within the limit, but the bus seemed to have been overbooked so the luggage compartment was full.

We had to pay $600 to get a taxi to JFK.

For some reason, Megabus drivers seems to either be extremely arrogant and irresponsible, or have some serious anger issues.One of them almost got into a fight with one of the passengers when I took Megabus from NYC to State College.

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