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I purchased a ticket for my daughter to return to Indianapolis from Chicago.Her bus was scheduled to leave on Saturday, January 5, 2014 at 6pm.

I called megabus early to make sure the bus was still scheduled to depart on time. The service rep stated it was still leaving on time and if there was a delay or cancellation, I would receive a call and/or an email per the information I used when I scheduled her ticket. She got there early with her grandpa to make sure she was able to get a good seat and not miss her bus. Approximately 7:30 pm, I receive a call from my daughter stating that the bus had not arrived.

I had not received an email or a call (as specified by not only the site but the service rep who answered my call earlier when I inquired about the bus leaving on time). I was furious! I called Megabus and let the poor little service rep have it! I did apologize to the service rep who answered my call because I had to realize, this was not her doing.

Fortunately my dad was still waiting with my daughter and took her back to the house. My ticket was refunded but I was/am still furious about the process and lack of professional courtesy. Why stipulate policies that are supposedly in place if you are NOT adhering to them??? Let us fast forward to today, January 9, 2014.

My daughter scheduled her ticket for today, departing from Chicago to Indianapolis at 6pm. Guess what?!?!?! Received a call from my daughter at 6:45pm. She is still on the bus and it has not left the station yet.

The bus driver stated that they were going to board another bus but he was still allowing passengers to board the one they were on (which should have departed at 6pm) I called the service line yet again (why I put myself through this stress is beyond me). The person, and I use this term loosely, was nothing short of clueless offering every idiotic excuse he could muster from his pre-formulated megabus excuse manual. The basics is: The megabus left hand has no clue what the megabus right hand is doing and the passengers get screwed in between the mess both hands are making.

So, it is now 7:38pm and my daughter has not left the station and I have no idea if they are leaving at all, or if the bus has been cancelled.I am trying to contain my anger and pure dusgust with Megabus at this time but as a parent, it is not an easy feat.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #771434

A typhoon that kills thousands and leaves many more starving and homeless is a disaster. What you had was an inconvenience.

to MikeBrady #771504

Your comment is a inconveniece.I highly doubt you are part of the teams assisting those struck by typhoons, breaking levies, starvation and homelessness.

No. You are too busy giving your unnecessary opinio n on failed bus service. Smh. As with your inconveniece of a comment, consumers are allowed to voice their likes or dislikes with a product.

It's called the 5th ammendment.

If the person felt as a parent that their experience was a disaster, who the *** are you to minimize their emotion?No one!

to Whatever #771509

But wait - don't I have that same right?As a a matter of fact, I never suggested anyone had no right to complain but you did suggest I had no right to comment.

Additionally, you are probably thinking of the FIRST ammendment, the one guaranteeing the right to free speech, not the fifth. Anyway, the first ammendment doesn't apply here - it is a private website.

Again, ask the people to whom I referred - I am sure they will straighten you out on what is a disaster.Crack a book, genius.

to MikeBrady #771885

shut da nerdy!

to MikeBrady #771884

ppl like you need to stay out of people business with your negative comments.

to hollybrk Houston, Texas, United States #771998

Sorry, didn't mean to talk over your head. How about this: Me can say what me want. Our gubmint give me that right.

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