This was my first trip on Megabus and it will be my last. I reported to my departure stop 15 mins ahead of time as instructed.

I was left waiting in line in 19 degree temps(wind chill 2 degrees) for two hours with my 90 year old dad. No one provided any information on our missing bus- no updates or offer of alternatives to wait inside. When we finally got on a bus - there was no apology or explanation, just rude treatmwnt from the driver. He actually left the bus to eat a hot dog while we waited in the cold with no heat.

I certainly would not ride again. Type your review here

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Bus Service.

Location: Waterloo, Ontario

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I heard about this bus via a friend. I travelled from Memphis to Chicago recently.

The bus was 1 hour late. Someone vomited in the isle,it was never cleaned up during the entire trip. Becaue the fares are cheap,it attracts shady characters. On my trips, they wer cursing ut h te driver for not making unscheduled stops.

I would never take this bus again. I encourge everyone who is thinking of taking a trip on the Mega Bus should pull off the complaints and file them in a safe place.

Before long there will be major law suites. Your attorney will need them

if the company does not hire safe drivers and improve their services.


This was also my first and last time riding the MegaBus.

We took it from Milwaukee to Minneapolis for the weekend. On Friday the scheduled departure time was 8:25am. At 9am I called the customer service number and they told me they sent out an email regarding the delayed time of 9:10am. I received no such email, similar to other people waiting without a clue. We got there about an hour later than expected.

On Sunday we were scheduled to depart at 5pm. Around 6:15pm several other riders called and were told drivers needed to be switched..another 45 minutes. Ten minutes later two buses pulled up. Everyone got in line only to find out these were in-bound buses only. The drivers had no idea what was going on. One driver informed us we should call the MegaBus number and ask for Mike Eggert to get a refund due to the over-an-hour-late bus.

Finally at 7:35pm, two-and-a-half hours after the scheduled time, the bus shows up. The driver apologized, but it still meant getting into town way later than expected. On the ride back he had no control over the A/C and the bus was absolutely FREEZING.

Overall, I won't be taking the Megabus again unless I plan extremely in advance. I can see why people take it for the discounted price, but that's the only way to go. NEVER pay full price for this bus. Bring a jacket or wear multiple layers. Don't make definite plans within a few hours of your scheduled arrival time.

And don't listen to the drivers when they attempt to tell you about a refund. I called customer service. They have no way of connecting you to Mike Eggert and they will give you the run-around.


I've taken the bus from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg and back, and from Harrisburg to D.C. and back. I would not recommend the bus unless you are desperately low on cash.

I had no problems on the Pittsburgh/Harrisburgh trip. On my recent trip to D.C., however, the company's extreme disorganization and terrible customer etiquette showed.

The bus was more than an hour late. The customer service line was worse than useless for finding out information about the missing bus. The driver was very rude, giving unclear directions and insulting customers when they didn't understand. But he was very clear about his annoyance with customers who didn't understand that the bus was "always late" after crossing the Canadian border.


the new megabus buses have NO controls for heat or air- its automatically set and I've NEVER NEVER ever been this freezing for a long period of time.. everyone is cold.

It's the middle of June and people are sitting in their sweatshirts and jeans and are miserable.

How do you create a $700,000 bus with no controls for heat or air???? there are at least 15 people that have been complaining to the bus driver about this "automatic" air problem.


went to toronto..good going although we were an hour late leaving buffalo. coming back to detroit from pittsburgh the bus was 1/2 hr late...when we pulled out the bus was uncontrollably shaking like the brake was locked.

The driver pulled around the corner called on her cell phone and 45 min later brought another bus. We got to toledo and that bus started stalling.

The driver didnt inform us what was going on. She got on that cell phone and from the conversation it sounded like she didnt know how to turn of some alarm which had to go off for the coach to work...geezch...of course the wi fi didnt work on any of the legs of the trip...ill probably use them again when i have plenty of time and after i have researched their drivers training and the condition of their coaches....


Thanks I will not use megabus.Specially travelling with a little kid.



Megabus is BAD!!!!

Bad customer service! you heard it; Bad driver(s),you heard it! Late always, you heard it!

I took Megabus for the first time last weekend from DC to NYC and back. On the way to NY all was good, we were late but that was 'cause of traffic in DC.

Now the adventure begins coming back to DC on Sunday. First, we left 1 hr late at least; everybody was late. My bus was the 5:30pm but when i got there the 4pm people were still waiting!

Ok we get to leave after one of the guy working for Megabus told people to "stop *** if they want to leave!" lol!!!!

The firstdriver was good; he drove normal and respected traffic laws. THEN we changed driver in Baltimore. OMG!!!

This guy came in as if he was Jack Baeur trying to save the world or something; He was driving like there was no tomorrow; like a maniac. Going between cars and putting his high beams on cars that won't let him pass on the left lane. IT WAS RAINING!!!! and he was going 70mph on BWI Pkw! c'mon give me a break! we almost got into 2 accidents; and everytime he passed someone he looked at them with a hungry face. I felt bad for these people loving to sit on the upper deck...anyway they asked for it; why would u sit up there???

Finally we get to DC, it's still raining pretty good. NO ONE from Megabus came to unload our bags! we did it ourselves, the freaking driver just came out to close the bags compartment doors.

I told myself I would not take Megabus again!


You get what you pay for. If you enojoy savings more than leaving late, arriving late and being treated like ***.

THIS IS YOUR RIDE. I made this mistake once, never again.

MEGABUS serves only to remind us ths nation needs fast, affordable and reliable rail service between cities. If your choice is to take megabus or walk, unles you have only one leg with a bad ankle I would still walk.


The bus left the Toronto terminal 1 hour late and broke down in Buffalo. Several hours later, no one showed up to fix the bus. By 4:30am (the bus was supposed to arrive in New York at 7:30am) no one had arrived, the "customer service" refused to tell anyone where help was coming from.

I ended up buying a Greyhound ticket a the terminal and finally got to New York at 12pm.

The return bus also left late and arrived 2 hours late.

I've recieved better service in 3rd world countries!!


Im never taking them again, real bad service. Sure its cheap but they treat you like like such, im taking the train like i used to from now on!


Thanks - I will not go Megabus.

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