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Mega bus has bad customer service I received email 30 mins before my bus was leaving to inform the bus was going to be coming to a new location I had to call a Uber driver to pick me up from where the bus was suppose to arrive at and take me to new location of course I missed the bus why not send email before 30 mins of time Im suppose to leave so I can be prepared or why not have that location on the ticket how u going to sale me a ticket with a different location than where the bus is suppose to leave Im not from Atlanta and when u ask to speak to a a supervisor they say all supervisors are busy call back I call 3 times today and ask for a supervisor and all 3 reps says the same thing as if u calling for a job i would not recommend mega bus to any one ride greyhound

Location: Conyers, Georgia

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"ask for a supervisor" And what would you want a "supervisor" to do for you? Listen, because that's all they can or will do for you.

You agreed to this when you accepted their terms. You did read them right?

Stop being cheap. You get what you pay for..


I am trying to post a COMMENT to WARN others about the ATLANTA MEGABUS SCAM!!!


Megabus Atlanta is a SCAM, Luv..

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