I have used Megabus for the last 5 years to commute regularly between Philly and NYC. I have watched the bus service go steadily downhill in the 5 years I have used it, but yesterday, was the last straw, plus I did a dumb thing -- I left my laptop under the seat of the bus I got off of.

I realized it as soon as I got home and called Megabus to ask them to try to call the driver and see if it was there, but I was told they can't call their drivers at all. This is ironic as I see the drivers talking on the phone all the time. 24 hours, multiple emails, and 4 phone calls later, over half an hour on hold for each call, I still can not get a straight answer from anyone at Customer Service about my computer, or if there is even a Lost and Found department or policy or protocol or phone number in place regarding lost items! This is an international travel business which lives on the internet for chrissake, and there appears to be no way to locate your lost items online, by phone or anywhere else, whether it be a lost purse, computer, credit card, money or passport!

I finally spoke with a supervisor a day later who said it does not appear to be on any list that she was looking at, so I have to assume my driver took it as another person told me the driver goes through each bus after each trip before he loads the next group of passengers on. That no one could contact the driver immediately when I called was beyond absurd.

I have to assume at this point that their driver took it and I will not be getting it back. I also will not be riding megabus again and want to warn people about the crooks that work for them!

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Bus Service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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C'mon... That's like leaving money on the ground.

The second it was left it was probably picked up.

If this happened, what would you have the driver do, confront someone and make them prove it's not their laptop.

You messed up, take one for the team like a grown man and don't do it again.


Got off megabus at 7:15 AM at Union Station in Los Angeles from San Francisco, and within a few minutes realized my tablet was not in my roller bag. I had put it in the bag as I stood up from my seat, but as we were getting off, someone hit my bag near the seat and it must have fallen below my seat.

The bus was literally pulling out but I was unable to stop it for a few moments. The baggage/ticket personnel said they could call the driver before or when she reached the next and last stop in 30 to 40 minutes in Anaheim (or call the Megabus people who unload the bags and take the tickets in Anaheim), before the bus went to the maintenance yard. Five minutes behind that bus at Union Station was one from Las Vegas also departing momentarily to Anaheim, which they suggested I could also catch. Another one from San Francisco arriving Union Station to Anahem in 40 minutes.

I could catch any of those. Or, they could ship the computer back to me in about an hour from a bus coming from Anaheim to Union Station.

But the drivers would not take me, saying the bus would immediately go to the maintenance yard (even though we would have alerted them beforehand and been in Anaheim only a few minutes after the bus with the computer would arrive there). The Megabus agent at Union Station who said he would call and alert the driver, etc., then took an immediate powder after he unloaded the next bus (and never even got my contact information), and I waited a couple of hours and he never returned.

No one would give me the direct connection to their Anaheim personnel or even to the maintenance yard. We could have easily gotten the tablet right away, but it is as though they went out of their way to be sure I didn't get it, and I doubt I will ever see it again, despite putting in a claim (in which they said lost and found would call me, and wouldn't give me their number). It's well beyond incompetence.

The tablet isn't lost. It's being picked up by an employee driving or working on the bus, and kept.

Inglewood, California, United States #1334997

I have lost my wallet on Megabus trip from Las Vegas to los angeles on 28th May 2017 which depart at 5:45 pm from LV. I have complaint at lost & found department but unable to get proper reply.

Also the same from LA Police. Each police station give another police station number.

I can't file my complaint till the date. I am from India on my official tour & surprising to see this in USA.


better business bureau complaint


I have been going through the loops with megabus since January 19, 2014 about lost or stolen luggage. I am going through what you are going through with your stolen laptop.

I want to do something about it, besides voice complaints about megabus services.

to Lisa #1421275

What do you mean by going through the loops? Have got any information?

I also left my luggage on the bus, and it got lost. I contact with the bus agency for a thousand times, but they just tell me they cannot find it, they cannot even tell me any detailed information about their investigation on my luggage.

Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom #630994

You just learned a very expensive lesson about keeping track of your belongings.

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