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After my terrible experience and reading many similar expriences, I googled "I hate megabus." Turns out there's a page on Facebook. If you've had a terrible experience with them and want to be heard, log in to your Facebook account and search WE HATE THE MEGABUS.

What happened to me? They are terrible. I bought 2 tickets in one transaction and needed to change one. So, I went online to try to change one of them. Well, 2 tickets became 1 and I lost $18. Apparently, that is their policy. I called immediately saying I made a mistake and politely asked for their help. TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE spoke rudely ...to me and told me I should've read the website. Now, I have to buy a 3rd ticket. What kind of policy is that???

Please join this page!!!! MegaBus is not a good company. It's bad enough they're always late (20-90 min) and overbooking, but to act like they did to me... a loyal customer NO MORE.

Location: Bronx, New York

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Scariest hour of our lives between Chicago and Grand Rapids as our driver swerved and nodded off repeatedly before stopping to "use the restroom"... eyes looked really red.

not kidding here. Never again. Moreover the bus engine continuously backfired when giving gas.

Lucky to be alive. This company should be thoroughly investigated...


Mega bus is a company built on racism. Me and my baby are trying to aboard the 2:30 bus from Philadelphia to New York this afternoon.we were there at 1:45, because I knew how the bus is, so we always arrive at the station at last 30 minutes earlier than our boarding time.

This afternoon, when the 2:30 bus pulled up, we showed our reservation numbers to the guy. First, he saw the numbers, he let us aboard. Then, the other guy, he stopped us, and told us to wait. We waited, then the bus took off.

I asked him why he did that to us, why he wouldn't let us aboard the bus? He said straight to my face: " You got this yourself, Asian!!! Now, if you wanna aboard the next one, pay additional 5 dollars each person". WHY?

i called the Philadelphia police twice, they didn't even show up for 2 hours, the second 911 call I made, he even told me that there is nothing they can do, that I should call the company.

Then, I called their company, they kept saying that they were sorry, but they wouldn't give me the reason why their employee did such thing or at least refund the fare to us? Can anyone please tell me what can I do to get justice?


I have travelled several times on Megabus with no problem. But NOT this trip - - - late on both ends of travel from Buffalo to Philly and Philly back to Buffalo!!!!!

I missed my train connection in Philly as we arrived over 1 hour late - with good weather, no traffic - absolutely NO reason to be late and as I sit here in Syracuse, will be late by over an hour arriving in Buffalo - with again good weather, no traffic. What gives Megabus????


I've made half a dozen round trips from PHL to WAS on Megabus, and have found it completely acceptable. Is it faster than Amtrak?

No. Is it more comfortable? No.

But the level of comfort is quite reasonable, the buses run more or less on time, and the cost is one-fifth of what Amtrak charges.

You get what you pay for. If you want door-to-door comfort and convenience, drive or hire a limo.


I've had a perfectly fine experience with Mega Bus, maybe you should plan your trip without making mistakes, read carefully over your order before processing, and you won't have that prob. Just saying.

To get a bus this cheap, it's hard to complain. You can't look a gift horse in the mouth.


It's unfortunate that you had one bad experience. I can talk only about the US and I've had my tickets amended by megabus without any problems whatsoever.

You have to amend both tickets if you chose a round trip -- else you have the option of booking separately too. Megabus is cheap AND saves you money by allowing to rebook.

Try that rotten Greyhound, which is the absolute worst in terms of customer service (no informing passengers if a bus has been canceled), company, and oh!

the passengers. Greyhound's the absolute worst.


The rep agents on the line that you are reffering about are just doing what they can. They have to follow policies just like everyone else.

For megabus, it is against policy to change only one ticket on a two-ticket-bought situation. if you wish to change your reservation you must change BOTH reservations

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