It's Aug. 25 and I'm on the 4:30pm bus from Jacksonville to Atlanta.

Is there a specific policy that states a passenger is not allowed to sit in the 2 seats behind the driver? I called customer service and they said there is no such policy. I spoke to a CSR named Tierra Wilson, who was polite and told me that it was ok for me to sit in the 2 seats behind the driver, in spite of the driver saying that I couldn't sit there. She told me to go ahead and sit there and simply inform the driver.

There is water leaking from the ceiling on this bus onto my seat and some other seats.

I have a video documenting this. The attaches screenshot shows a STEADY stream of water. Over 1 liter has leaked out and onto my seat and my clothes are wet. It is also leaking onto the electrical outlets.

There is a puddle on the floor where some bags are. Your driver is rude, violently yelled at me for moving to the 2 seats behind him when I questioned him why I could not sit there, stated that it's for "security reasons," and threatened to pull over and call state troopers. Most unprofessional behavior I've ever seen from a bus driver.

I think he's just saving 2 whole seats for his bag. This driver is giving Megabus a bad name and his negative attitude and violent yelling at customers should be documented.

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First Born Triplet

That sounds like Eric Cartman the bus driver, "Respect my authority"


I never knew they allowed two year olds such as yourself to ride the bus alone, what is wrong with obeying the driver. Too bad he did not call the state troopers on you, this way your parents would be charged with child neglect for allowing a child to ride the bus alone.

The reason you could not sit on that seat was because of the leak most likely. You have some nerve to complain your seat was leaking when you chose to move to a leaking seat. Where were your parents?

Telling you no is not the same as being rude.

to Anonymous #864925

Lol the person is not two years old, that is just their behavior age.

to Anonymous #883987

I use to be a Megabus driver and I can tell you that there I no policy stating that passengers cannot sit behind a driver....but most drivers are more corfotible with nobody directly behind them..... I dont even going out and have my back twards a crowd now.....cause on Megabus as a driver my back was ALWAYS twards people.....and yes there were fights and other incidents. ..although there is no policy about the seats.....if he/she didn't want anybody to sit directly behind them.....there are ways about saying it......worked for me......I gave good customer service

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