Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
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Boston Sunday March 24 , 4 pm


From Boston to NYC

Waiting in Stand By with my daughter.

Stand by means I had to wait all passengers has to board before I will know if 2 seats would be to our disposition. There were two employees , one was in charge of the luggage , the other employee in question was in charge to check the passengers. When I saw the flow of receded I started paying attention for the employee to give me information about the seats . Still last minute customer where coming until 2 girls showing their tickets were asked to pay 20$ . From my perception i got alarmed. The young girls starting to struggle into their purses looking to collect together 20$ which broked my heart making me to solve their problem . This filled me with sorrow more than anger . One side found a loop hole to improve his income the other side being victimized by the other weaknesses. I decided to approach the employee and got involved into a friendly conversation. At one point he told me I was lucky and charged me 10$ for both which I graciously pay and gave a tip to the luggage boy. I knew what I could do about it. Unfortunately I didn’t collect the girls names , should be middle eastern or Indian . I decided to help out of sadness thinking this predicament probably obscured someone wonderful weekend or happy trip, where this girls were going to have means of transportation once in the city ? USA as a country is has the highest level of honesty I have experienced in my worldwide trips and I would love to keep it this way .

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Bus Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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