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Update by user Oct 13, 2017

The Night My Incident Happen was Monday October 10th. Since then I have Attempted to Contact MegaBus.com and It's Parent Company CoachUsa.com as well as Anne Levy through the email Address on the MegaBus.com site a.levy@coachusa.com to No Avail.

I have gotten Only Automated Emails in return. As well as been told by MegaBus on their FB Private Messenger that I would need a Subpoena when I Formally asked that the Video from that Night be held for Review.

Otherwise the Videos are gone in 7 days. WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE

Original review posted by user Oct 10, 2017

My Name is Tiffany Miller and I rode MegaBus for the Very 1st time Last Night as a Paying Disabled Customer. I have a Disabled Customer Profile on the MegaBus Site.

I feel I must address this issue Publicly now. I have Contacted MegaBus Directly through Messenger on their Facebook page. In doing so the MegaBus Representative I have been communicating with directly seems to be having an issue with My Request to Have the Video simply Held as it shows Graphic Proof of The Horrific Incident that took place as well as the Passenger Manifest as there are witnesses to the Unbelievable Incident. I have commented else where on The MegaBus WebSite, as to what a Horrendous Ride I experienced on My 1st Ride from Atlanta to Louisville.

My Trip, which was a Round Trip Purchase, was decided on because driving is simply to hard on Me so I Thought MegaBus would be a much more relaxing Trip. The following is Basically a Rundown of what My 1st MegaBus Experience Turned into. Let Me Preface This with I do not throw around My being disabled. However being the Disabled Paying Customer and this being my 1st time Riding MegaBus I was looking forward to what I hoped would be a Relaxing 9hr journey from Atlanta to Louisville.

All was going Great... Nice Driver Nice Bus Friendly Patrons Clean Bus. HOWEVER this Great Trip came to an Abrupt Halt when We had to stop to Switch to New Drivers in Elizabethtown KY. Now as a Disabled Passenger I had been sitting at a Front Table Set of Chairs with another Disabled Lady Danielle Keel for hours.

When we Switched Drivers The Next 30mins before we left what should have been a 10min Stop is what I can Only say in words as a Truly Unbelievable Unprofessional Unethical and Scary Experience. One of the Drivers had Brought His Girlfriend with Him. 1st Let Me point out again, I AM the PAYING DISABLED PASSENGER in this Unimaginable Experience. My being not just a Disabled but also a Paying Passenger mattered none as the "Girlfriend" Slammed her Large Backpack down in the Middle of the Table and Demanded that we Move, because she was Sitting at this Table.

We (Myself and Mrs Danielle Keel) tried to Explain that We had been sitting in at that table for hours. Neither of the Drivers nor the Girlfriend were hearing any of it. Right before the Situation Escalated the Gentleman across the Isle offered her His Reserved Seat and He would sit in another. As there were several other Empty seats.

Instead She demanded The Table I was sitting at. What Ensued on the Drivers Girlfriends Part is YouTube Worthy. As that Drivers Girlfriend is now Cussing Yelling Slamming things around, all the while Both Drivers now are taking her Part. When asked if she had bought her Ticket, She said she didn't have to and the Female Driver yelled "No Personal Questions" well By this Time The Lady (Mrs.

Keel also Disabled) across from Me is recording what is Happening. Feeling Truly Physically Threatened Myself at this point by the "Girlfriend" the Female Driver now adds to the Threatening By telling us she will call 911 and have Us escorted off the bus if we said another word and did not comply and move. All for the other Drivers Girlfriends Comfort. In the Recorded Video, I am Clearly heard saying only 2 things 1) "Ma'am that Gentlemen over there said you could have that side" and 2) "He was just saying You could have his Reserved Seat he didn't mind." Now Not only Feeling Physically Threatened I am also Becoming Increasingly Anxious at the thought of The Driver calling the Police on Myself (and the Lady sitting across from Me) if I did not Move from My purchased Seat.

I did the Only thing I felt I could do and I ask the "Girlfriend" if She could stand up so I can gather My Things and Move Seats. Again let Me Point Out I AM THE PAYING DISABLED CUSTOMER. I am Completely Appalled at the Behavior of Both Drivers. However the Unprofessional Unethical and Unbelievable Behavior of The Driver who Demanded Not Only that 2 Disabled Paying Customers Move to accommodate His Girlfriends Comfort, but Who also Allowed His Girlfriend to Speak to, Curse Out, and Physically Threaten ANYONE in such a way, Much-less The a Customer who helps keep him Employed by MegaBus...

i.e. Paying Customers Is Truly Incomprehensible to Me. This was 11:00 at Night. The Whole Encounter made Me 35mins late and So I had to sit under an Overpass in Downtown Louisville Ky waiting for My Daughter in Law and My 2-1/2yr old Grandson to come get Me.

As I said the 1st part of My Journey was Great. However after Being Treated with such Indignity and Without ANY REGARD to My Being a Disabled Customer (again My being Disabled is something I do not throw around lightly) I Deeply feel My Disabilities have Been Completely Disregarded.

I feel at this point I Must Stand Up for Myself and My Rights as are Clearly Written on the Megabus Booking Site. Which is where I finally found an email that is hidden in the MegaBus information

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Disabled Customer Abuse.

Preferred solution: A Monetary Amount CANNOT BE PUT ON what I have Gone Through.

Megabus Cons: Poor and rude customer care service, Bad service, Employees were rude.

  • The Driver
  • horrible staff
  • bad bus
  • Terrible Customer Service
  • Terrible Customer Relations
  • Disabled Abuse
  • terrible Disabled Customer Service
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I really would put a monetary value on this because perhaps this would gain a little more attention from them. I would recommend that you ask for a refund of the price that you paid for your ticket(s).


Since you don't want any money, what is it you are after ?

An apology ? What good is that ?

Someone can't apologize for someone else's actions.

You've led a sheltered life to be so rattled by something like this.

Yes, it was a disgraceful incident but you had a lot of witnesses.

Either a quick 911 call, or, what my then 78 year old great aunt did to a smelly drunken obnoxious person on the bus from Omaha - clonked him in the forehead with her heavy old-lady shoe and pushed him onto the floor. Please discontinue the use of random capitalization.


Honestly, who asked your opinion? she’s disabled and faces discrimination daily probably.

You telling her to “suck it up” just shows a disgusting lack of empathy. Seek help.


Go one higher. Contact Megabus' corporate office.

If you have video and other proof, please send it to them. No corporation wants to lose business or hear of bad customer service.

Then, maybe report them to the Better Business Bureau online?

I don't know if there's a way to take this further, but...those drivers and the driver's girlfriend had all violated the Americans with Disabilities Act in some form. If there are official or activist groups for people with disabilities, I would make your story known there too.

I'm very sorry you had to go through such a horrible experience!

Nobody should have to endure what you did. :(


Thank You So Much‼️


I have Contact their Parent Company and emailed the Lady that is the One who Handles Complaints from Disabled Customers. a.levy@coachusa.com and Only received an automated email back.

I contacted MegaBus and Formally Requested that the Video of that Night be held for Review as well as the Passenger Manifest and was told that I need a Subpoena for the Video to even be Held so their Parent Company could see it. This has been a Horrible Experience