My name is Mrs. Terry Harper, I have been a passenger on your bus once before this current reservation.

I am so up set to know that your customer service Reps are allowed to hang up on customers for no apparent reasons other then the asking to speak with a supervisor. Her name is Amy. I was calling because by a tried to do a reservation on line and your Web-site cut me off before I could go thru it to check to see if all information was correct and ready to be submitted. So after much research for your number I found it and called you.

I explained to Sabrina first that I was cut out of the site and that after making this second reservation I need to get conformation number so that I could make copy of tickets. For myself Terry L Harper and My sister both seniors. Her name is Mary Mitchell. I also made her aware that I error on the time of departure in which I thought was 11:00am but instead was pm.

This was just close to an hour of making the original reservation. Sabrina said in order to fix this she had to cancel existing reservation, refund me. Start over with new reservation. Because this was my error I said ok.

I also told her that leaving at night was not an option. Had to be during the day. she changed reservation for departure for Atlanta to Columbia 10:00 AND CHARGED ME. ok.

when reading the new ticket the return time was 3:00am in the morning. still at night here. I called back spoke to Amy explaining every thing she go exasperated and impatient with me so I kindly asked her if I could speak to a supervisor, when she asked why I explained because I was irritating her. So please let me speak to one of her supervisors.

she hung up on me. I waited a few minutes and called back and wouldn't you know, I spoke to Amy again and asked her to let me speak with her supervisor, because she hung up on me. she did not think that I would get her again. I did not use bad language because I don't.

I did not raise my voice. Just asked for help in getting this resolved. It is not right that they keep making me pay. it is now three hours since my original reservation and I have been hold on with your Cooperate number and I remain holding.

I will not give up on this. This is bad customer service and dishonest. This did not have to be. they tried to get money off my credit called so much that my back fraud unit called me.

I will not be subjected to bad treatment no one should be subject to this.... As of now I don't have the right reservation sent to my email. I am suppose to leave on Friday. I will not use them again.

unless this is resolved correctly. Mrs Harper

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Customer Care.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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