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I was left last Monday at the Milwaukee bus stop after I asked the bus driver did I have time to get a soda from the station he told me yes I went in got my soda on my way back to the bus I saw it going towards the expressway the driver left me so I had to go back in and I asked a worker in the station what should I do she told me to call Megabus and I did I talk to somebody three times before they called me back I had to be at work that morning at 7 but I couldn't make it to work because of the bus leaving me so I lost my job Im do pissed with Megabus I have always done business with them and this time they failed me causing me to lose my job my reservation number is 15-4731-020419-M4R-2145-chi-min

Product or Service Mentioned: Megabus Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The record for the longest, silliest run on sentence goes to you. Of course, you're probably leaving something out.

How long did it take for you to get a soda?

Rather than ask do you have time to get a drink, you should have asked when was he leaving? Not sure why you had to ask any of this when you have a schedule that says when the bus is rolling out.

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