I am writing on my 2nd journey of the above order. I had made a reservationf to depart at your dallas station on 5/26/2021 at 11:20am.

I did the reservation considering many factors like, the proximity of my lodging spot to the bus station since I do not drive due to my bad eye sight. Your changing my departure station to Grand Prairie was totally not to my advantage. That call should have been made by me and when I called you to reschedule the trip you denied me the credit to the ticket. I did not make a reservation to depart from Grand prairie and as such I demand my credit of the ticket.

I am a 70years old retiree. Pls for fare business practice I hope you would honor my request.

I do not think it fare for me to have to loose the fare for no fault of mine. Thank you

Location: Dallas, Texas

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