I missed my bus because I confused 12:20 AM with 12:20 PM. After I had already missed the bus I called to explain why and get another reservation.

I did not expect to get my money back for that trip. And I told that to the agent on the line.I decided to make another reservation with megabus while I have the agent on the line. The agent told me there would be a seven dollar additional fee Of seven dollars which I asked to be removed. The agent informed me that he was not allowed to Cancel the fee because it was already placed on the order.

Again, I understand your reasons for encouraging the Internet reservation system. However, you deprived your customer relations department of an opportunity to turn a customer problem into An opportunity. I own a restaurant, and when a customer is unhappy with our service, we do whatever we can to show our commitment to customer satisfaction.

we know that there are a lot of restaurants out there and a story about our good will is worth The few dollars that it would take to rectify the situation. Well, there are a lot of other bus companies whom I will probably contact before megabus.

User's recommendation: Don’t expect customer service To be on your side.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

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