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Upon passengers unloading the bus in Charlotte n.c. the driver was complaining about unloading the bags so a younger gentleman unloaded the bags...

before he even touched my luggage he started complaining about" oh I'm not lifting these big bags y'all gonna get enough of bringing these bags I'm not lifting them y'all gonna put ur own bags on the bus ' mind you I no it's a weight limit my luggage was just big not heavy because I am traveling to ATL where my sister and I are sharing the same luggage to fly out of ATL so yes he made passengers load there luggage....I have a bad back & if my bag was heavy & cldnt lift it ur worker is a poor excuse for gd customer service if I wanted a job with mega bus I wld apply???but I don't??? BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS need to do better I don't have the drivers name but I traveled on the bus 6/5/18 8:25 char to atl....

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Why don't you lift them, lazy ? He's a driver, not a porter.

Chances are pretty good that, as a driver, he did indeed have a compromised back and has limitations. You are terribly harsh with your somewhat racist criticism - in the real world, a younger man would properly step up to help those not so fortunate.

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