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I booked Megabus tickets for my daughter and her friend to attend a university open day in Leeds (travelling from London, Victoria Coach Station)and paid £24.50 including the booking fee. I had to change the date the next day and was told by their customeer helpline...
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i booked a ticker to travel and my plans changed and they wont refung or reschedule my trip. i am so up set. i will nover booked with them again what a scam.

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Woking, England
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Megabus Ripoff

contacted your service center and spoke to Evelyn Ford (ID #762168) regarding my son who is travelling from Chicago, IL to St. Louis, MO. He was scheduled to take the 4:30 p.m. bus. He left Milwaukee, WI at 2:00 p.m. to head to Chicago, IL by car. He ended up being stuck in traffic (I94 Construction) until 3:00. Arrived in downtown Chicago at 4:35 and missed the bus. He had no money on him and mom is broke. She refused to offer assistance other than purchasing another ticket. I am utterly disturbed at Megabus' definition of customer service. In essence you pocket $20 for being 5 minutes late and offer no compensation. I asked if there was anything at all she can do to assist and she flatly refused. I plan to post this complaint online for the world to see unless I get a complete explanation from your company explaining your employees insensitivity to this situation.
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How can they advertise £1 fares then charge £50 for a 1 way ticket.


And that's the problem with customers like you. You think that your entitled to everything and have the "customer is always right" attitude.

Its not their fault your grown adult kid missed the bus. He should have given himself more then enough time to get where he needs to be. Your supposed to take that into account, not them. I mean that's like showing up to a job interview 15 minutes late because of traffic.

PLAN AHEAD! Do you really think the employer cares?


Oh, poor thing! He missed the bus because he was late, and wants Megabus to make it up.

Shame on Megabus for leaving on time and not having everyone else wait for this guy show up after being "stuck in traffic".

Megabus, you keep doing your thing. Because we responsible people really appreciate it when transportation companies leave on time.


had my sister lined up to visit me for an important family meeting. after repeatedly telling her the night before that all she has to do is get there on time with the printout.

She calls me 17 minutes later saying she missed the bus. she's got kids with her.

says she was only 5 minutes late. hoping she makes the next bus.




Dude, if you're late for the bus, it leaves. ame with planes and choo choo trains.

They don't wait for YOU, and they don't owe you anything if you're late. Suck it up. Do you know how cheap Megabus is?

Buck up, losers. Weak complaint.


No, he should of just waited there until the next bus came. The customer service woman might of been a *** but if you miss your bus and they have room on the next one they'll probobly let you on. You just need to wait there for that next bus and show them your ticket and explain what happened.


Seriously?? Seriously??

Your son needs to plan better and you need to stop pointing your finger. Maybe your attitude has led to "mom being broke" in life.

Grow up. :cry


Megabus will always be alright with me!!!


thats terrible, he missed his connecting bus because of traffic. Not his fault and the bus company should make amends, put the kid on another connecting bus.

This happens with the airlines and they try to connect passengers when this type of situation occurs. Its only right!

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Megabus Bus Service
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I had a 5:30 pm reservation for a New York-to-Boston bus trip on Friday (August 1, 2008). I arrived at the Megabus' stop at 4:30 pm. There was a bus waiting and there were seats still available. Therefore, I asked the supervisor if I could take the 4:30 bus and he...
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They just did the same to my family of 4. Made a reservation of less than 24 hours from when I was to leave and would not exchange my tickets for a earlier time.

When I called and asked for a higher power they refused me permission. They have no problem over booking and bumping you back off of the bus you made reservations but refuse any exchange when offering money.

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Brooklyn, New York
Megabus Bus Service