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I would like to report one off your bus drivers - the Registration is FKV 022 --. This morning 23 May 2016 the driver went full speed over the 4 way stop street at Evander on the road to Kinross (full of passengers), he drove on the right side of the road and the cars must pass on the left. I did experience the bus driving on the right side this last ± 2 weeks different numbers. I try to phone but nobody answer the phone 017 689 2021. I feel... Read more

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I'm on a megabus right now it's freezing with air *** I had to put 3 tops on and trainers and socks cause I asked the driver nicely to turn down the air *** has it is so cold he just looked and me and did nothing so I have now been on this bus for 2 hours freezing I will never again get megabus going back to national express I did not pay money to travel and be cold the whole way home. Just pray he turns it off cause three more hours of this... Read more

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  • Megabus
  • 2 days ago
  • #852198

I am highly pissed off at mega bus! I arived to the bus station 15 min early ran up to the bus driver asked where to get my ticket. He said the email i got was suficiant o i went to get my bags and he pulled off as i was grabbing them! I paid 89$ for my ticket and now im just out of the $! Theres no way to contact anyone no refunds no nothing. I feel extreamly cheated Add comment

I was supposed to go to Washington DC from Christianburg. I came to christianburg in megabus. But on my way back. The bus driver misbehaved with me and my brother a dudes abusive language just because he thought my luggage is heavy. When I asked him to measure it he refused and used abusive language while addressing me and my brother. And then he closed the bus doors on our face and left without taking me. When I complained to the customer care... Read more

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My brother got the wrong bag after arriving to his distination. I contacted 3 very rude customer service employees to explain what happen and informed them that my brother has diabetes and need his insulin. I was informed to file a complaint with lost and found and it takes 7-10 days before they can do anything. I asked them to contact the passenger whose bag was pick up by mistake and they wouldn't do that. All employees including the... Read more

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At the Memphis, Tennessee pick up location and waiting on the bus going to Atlanta, Ga. This perticular driver was very rude and disrespectful to customers and made all of the ones in front of the line who were 2 hours early to go to the back of the line. This behavior was unseemly and unprofessional for a woman to talk to customers as if they are doormats. There has to be order and good communication demonstrated between the drivers and... Read more

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  • Megabus
  • May 20
  • #851355

The 9:45 am from san antonio to Houston left One minute early , and wouldnot open the door for 3 peple....i told him he was leaving early and he threatened to call the cops and get me off the Mega bad Bus...Megabus gone Evil and then some .. Add comment

I left my luggage on a bus going from NYC to Philadelphia last week. I called about 30 minutes after I had left the bus and filed a lost item inquiry. I just got an email back saying that they were unable to find it but it is extremely important that I get it back. I don't understand how it could have just disappeared from the bus. I talked in person with a Mega Bus worker the other day and they said a lot of the lost luggage is sent to the... Read more

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  • Megabus
  • May 13
  • #847538

Worst customer service appreciation! I bought five tickets from NY to CT. We waited for THREE hours for the bus, when it finally came maked us stopped for another 20 minutes to get gas. The driver didn't apologize, no refund, no compensation! Team members were REALLY hostil! Terrible service! Never using it again!!!!! Add comment

Booked MegaBus mainly because they offer wi-fi. I had important work to complete and since it was a 7 hour ride, it was the perfect scenario for me. The bus had no wi-fi. When I called customer service, the rep simply said, "Well it's not a guarantee". ....not a guarantee? As a consumer, I assume the services you advertise are guaranteed...they are what set my expectations. So for you as a company to inform me that the services ARE NOT included... Read more

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